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My Pineapple Eyes + I Like Peanuts

My Pineapple Eyes + I Like Peanuts

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We're excited to now offer both of Dr. Thompson's children's books, promoting food allergy awareness! For a limited time, you can order both books here on our website and get $2 off!


Royce is a bright, young boy who loves to eat! He's about to find out that he has a weird relationship with a certain food he loves the taste of. This book explores what it's like for a kid when you like a food, but due to a food allergy -- it doesn't like you back.


Karma was excited and ready for her first day of the fifth grade but had no idea her breakfast would change those plans. Follow Karma and her mother as they move quickly to uncover how breakfast might have caused Karma’s first allergic reaction.


These beautifully illustrated stories showcase Black and brown characters to help bring awareness to the fact that food allergies affect so many in communities of color. 


Illustrations in "I Like Peanuts..." by Alyssa Bryan.

Illustrations in "My Pineapple Eyes" by Dezzi Kamali.