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My Pineapple Eyes

By Chiquetta Thompson Ed.D., LMSW

Illustrated by: Dezzi Kamali

Karma was excited and ready for her first day of the fifth grade but had no idea her breakfast would change those plans. Follow Karma and her mother as they race to discover the cause of Karma's first allergic reaction in this exciting and informative book by Dr. Chiquetta Thompson.

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Let's talk about childhood food allergies.

One in every 13 children in the United States has a food allergy.

Another study found that African-Americans are almost three times more likely to have food allergies than other ethnic groups.

A child's first allergic reaction can be a scary time for both children and their parents or guardians.

Follow Karma and her mother as they try to uncover the cause of Karma's first allergic reaction in this beautifully told story from Dr. Chiquetta Thompson with illustrations by Dezzi Kamali.

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Featured Resource

The Food Equality Initiative is one of the nation's leading organizations working to increase access to allergy-friendly and gluten-free foods to individuals who need them the most.

More on 'My Pineapple Eyes'

This beautifully illustrated story showcases Black and brown characters to help bring awareness to the fact that food allergies affect so many in communities of color. 

As a mother and "G" (short for grandmother), Dr. Chiquetta Thompson questioned why there was a lack of diverse representation in children's books, particularly surrounding special medical issues. This led her to write her first book, "I Like Peanuts... but Peanuts Don't Like Me."

To bring "My Pineapple Eyes" to life, Dr. Thompson worked with Dezzi Kamali, an African-American artist & illustrator from

Atlanta, Georgia, and her son, Akeem Toure, whose creative agency N CRWD Creative published the book.

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