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Available Everywhere 10/9!

A child's first allergic reaction can be a scary time for both children and their parents or guardians.

Follow Karma and her mother as they try to uncover the cause of Karma's first allergic reaction in this beautifully told story from Dr. Chiquetta Thompson with illustrations by Dezzi Kamali.

Additional information about food allergies, fun contests, and more to come! 

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More on 'My Pineapple Eyes'

This beautifully illustrated story showcases characters of color to bring awareness to the food allergies that affect so many people in communities of color. 

As a mother of five and a "G-Ma" to 20, Dr. Chiquetta Thompson questioned why there was a lack of diverse representation of authors and characters in children's books, particularly surrounding special medical issues.

To bring this story to life, Dr. Thompson worked with Dezzi Kamali, an African-American artist & illustrator, from

Atlanta, Georgia.

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